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GM Robert Bryce Discusses Geography & Service Structure As Well As Previous Management Of East Coast Golf Clubs

Settled on the southeastern edge of Nevada, almost directly between two opposing environments is Nevada Treasure RV Resort. Only an hour to the east offers the glitz and livelihood of Sin City in Las Vegas while an hour and a half scenic drive in the reverse direction lays Death Valley, the hottest and driest place within the 50 continuous states. Visitors to Nevada Treasure can fully expect to experience the outdoor lifestyle most RVers are seeking, but also be met with services and conveniences well beyond what can be found at a conventional RV park.

“We offer a little more services than most places,” explained Robert Bryce, whose 25-year background managing lavish country clubs in the South more than prepared him for his new position as Nevada Treasure RV Resort’s General Manager. “The guy that built it wanted to offer everyone a tremendous amount of amenities that most [RV parks] don’t have.”

Originally intended to be a high-end luxury resort and spa for RVers, Nevada Treasure is justly a self-proclaimed jewel of the desert offering unique accommodations such a bowling alley, putting green, world-class waterfall-fed pool, fitness center, steam room, spacious upscale sites ranging from 1,200 to 4,000 square feet with modern commercial grade stainless-steel BBQ grills, and customer service meant to create the resort-like atmosphere. Robert is not only an employee but also a resident and full-time RVer, along with his wife Miki, who occupy their very own site within Nevada Treasure RV Resort.

As North Carolina natives, the Bryce’s would frequently take trips up and down the Intracoastal Waterway, stopping at different ports in their condo-like 40-foot yacht. Thinking RVing would offer similar comfort and freedom allotted by their cabin cruiser, the Bryce’s thought, “instead of water, we’d just [travel] on the road.” So they made the transition to a 45-foot 2014 Entegra Coach Anthem and started living the full-time RV lifestyle trekking around the country and enjoying their retirement.

“It has everything you could want pretty much like a house,” Robert said describing his rig. After accepting the position with Nevada Treasure, the Bryce’s set off in their motorhome to take on a weeklong excursion to Nevada, journeying along Interstate 40, taking their time within each state to enjoy the trip before reaching their final destination at the resort. Along the way, they stayed at several RV parks, but none seemed to compare to the desert oasis awaiting them in Nevada.

“I’m basically looking across the street right now and seeing Mount Charleston which is about 12,000 feet high,” described Bryce of the scenery. “It’s in the desert, but heavily landscaped and has a rose garden in full-bloom right now with every rose color you can think of.”

Snowbirds and day-campers alike relish in the 27 acres of perfectly manicured vegetation, lively fishponds, and pet-friendly environment along with the security of a gated community, but regardless of the amenities provided by this desert haven, Robert feels it’s the intimate community that seems to draw campers back year after year. 

Bringing a bit of southern hospitality to the west, Bryce explains how the staff goes above and beyond to accommodate the needs of their visitors. “The wife of one of our guests who’s stayed with us for a long time got sick, and then he injured himself. Our staff took them meals and checked up on them regularly,” explained Bryce humbly. “It’s more of a family-like atmosphere.”

Having been in his current position for a while now, Bryce reflected on the distinctions between his work-life in North Carolina and now in Nevada. “I’ve been in the people business for a long time serving customers [whether] being at a country club or at an RV park, and the people aren’t all that different,” stated Robert honestly. “The [country] clubs I worked at were pretty high-end. It was around $40,000 to join the club and $500 just to walk in the door and spend more money,” he laughed. “So they [members] had high expectations of the physical grounds, clubhouse and so on, so it’s a little different here. You don’t have to pay all that money to stay at the resort,” tacking on the price for a night’s stay in Nevada Treasure is around $40 a night.

Going forward, Bryce doesn’t anticipate many changes being made to Nevada Treasure but rather a focus on maintaining the current facilities to the utmost standard. “I think people check us out online and see the amenities we have,” responded Bryce when asked what draws people to Nevada Treasure, “but we’re probably most proud of our employees who accommodate the needs of our guests to a high extent than most places.” For visitors looking to enjoy the resort, it’s open year round with many attractions and activities readily available. 

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A graduate of the Fashion Institute Of Technology in New York City with a degree in Interactive Marketing,  Jannie has worked both for FOX and ASA Electronics. She enjoys traveling and whitewater rafting.

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