Montana Fly Fishing Guides gives anglers the opportunity to experience some of Montana’s blue-ribbon trout fisheries.



An Angler's Mecca: Montana Fly Fishing Guides 

Eric Adams Provides Guiding Services To A Number Of Waters In Southwestern Montana, Where Renowned Blue-Ribbon Trout Fisheries Await

Fisher Shows Off Nice Looking Trout During Montana Fly Fishing Guide [Courtesy/Montana Fly Fishing Guides]

Located in Livingston, Montana just miles from Yellowstone National Park, Eric Adams operates a guiding business that gives anglers the opportunity to experience some of Montana’s blue-ribbon trout fisheries.  “We’re full service, we’ll take anyone out fishing all we ask is that people are wanting to learn and that they are excited about being out on the water.  We provide all the equipment that anyone needs for a day of fly fishing.  We provide the rods, reels, flies, and even lunch for the day”, said Eric.   

Eric has had a lifelong passion for angling, and has taken that passion and developed it into a successful business.  “I enjoy guiding, it’s like trying to figure out the fishing for people that are not expert level anglers.  So, guiding you try to figure out how to make someone else catch fish.  It’s kind of like fishing through someone else’s arm.  You get to teach people how to fish and you see the enjoyment and reward when they are actually successful.  You also get to meet a wide variety of people from the guy who pumps gas to billionaires, it’s great”, explained Eric.   

Getting Ready For Some Fly Fishing [Courtesy/Montana Fly Fishing Guides]
Angler Holding Fish In Montana Waters [Courtesy/Montana Fly Fishing Guides]

Montana Fly Fishing Guides provide guiding services to a number of waters in southwestern Montana.  The rivers they fish include some of the most well-known blue-ribbon trout fisheries in the country.  Eric described the location as the Mecca of trout fishing.  “A lot of people have written about Montana and it has some great exposure.  There is also just so much variety.  We are the fourth largest state and yet we just passed a million in population, so when you are up here fishing, you are not on some crowded river with hundreds of other people, you can actually get away from other people if you want to”, Eric said.  “We guide over 350 miles of water on about 13 different rivers.  I’ve guided one couple for the last 15 years, they have come out about 15 days per year and I’ve shown them something different every year.  Depending on where you are fishing, you can expect to catch Yellowstone cut-throats, rainbows, browns and in a few rare instances brook trout.”  

When considering fly fishing individuals often fear that they are not skilled enough anglers, or think that the sport is only for the wealthy, however, BFG caters to all experience levels and all sizes of wallets.  “We take everybody out fishing.  A lot of times we will get a grandpa who has been fishing for 40 years and they want to bring out their grandson who may not have any experience.  We tailor our guides to make sure they are instructive and fun.  

Most times when people go out with us, they are going to learn something and come out of it a better angler.  But fishing is what fishing is, sometimes it’s harder and sometimes it’s easy, but either way, you’re floating down a river that is absolutely ridiculous between mountains with wildlife all around so even at the worst you are going to have a good time”, Eric said. “We also have partnered with the owners of several bed and breakfasts, cabins, and lodges.  Accommodations range from very affordable nice clean cabins all the way up to all-inclusive lodges with rooms on the riverfront.  At Yellowstone Valley Lodge, they have accommodations right on the river and you can dine outside at one of the best restaurants in Montana.  It’s all a package price and you get your lodging and fishing all for one price.  Of course, we also get the guy who wants to stay at the Super 8 and save his money for an extra day out on the river.  It’s all about what the customer wants.” 

Women Proud Of Trout She Caught [Courtesy/Montana Fly Fishing Guides]
Tackle Box Used By Fly Fishermen [Courtesy/Montana Fly Fishing Guides]
Montana Buffalo Take A Dip In River [Courtesy/Montana Fly Fishing Guides]

Eric has not only learned about the trout from his angling experiences, but he also holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology and a Master’s degree in Ecology.   While working as a fisheries technician for the University of Wyoming, Eric had the opportunity to get a close up look at the ecology of trout.  “I was working with a graduate student tracking juvenile trout and tracking where they overwintered.  We tracked where they spent their time and how much they moved in the river system they are in.  It was a good way to get into the hard-core science portion of trout and learn more about how they act and how they behave, things you might not realize just by going fishing”, Eric explained.   

When asked about whether his guiding service has impacted his own angling pursuits Eric explained that he loves what he does and still has an opportunity to get in some fishing.  “It’s a beautiful environment and you’re always seeing stuff like bald eagles, herons, and osprey catching fish.  Just being outside and enjoying the water and rivers of Montana, it’s a good office view. The work season for guiding in Montana begins about April and ends about October, so that doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for fishing in Montana, but I do travel a bit in the winter time.  Last year we went to New Zealand fishing for brown trout and I go annually to the Florida Keys and fish for tarpon and bone fish”, Eric said.   

Jared Langenegger

A graduate of New Mexico State University with B.S. in wildlife and fisheries science, Jared spent 15 years working in fisheries and parks management. He enjoys camping, fishing, hunting, painting, and wood working. 

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