Springhill Outfitters in Selma, North Carolina carries bows for sale, lessons, as well as an indoor shooting range.



Bow And Arrow Hunting In Selma

Archery Is Still Very Much Alive. Just Ask Trent Lassiter of Springhill Outfitters, Though Now It Shares Its Hunting Ancestry With Sport & Recreation

Man is taught proper archery technique at Springhill Outfitters [Photo Courtesy: Springhill Outfitters]

Though not a sure thing because how could one really be sure about something so long ago, there is evidence that the earliest use of bows and arrows were from 64,000 years ago in Africa. Since then, they spread throughout Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. It came to America a lot later. Current research points to about 500 A.D. It was primarily used for hunting. Archery has been with civilization for a while. It is still very much alive, though now it shares it’s hunting ancestry with sport and recreation. Places like Springhill Outfitters in Selma, North Carolina have bows for sale, lessons, as well as an indoor shooting range. “For people that don’t have the place to shoot in their yard, they can come here and do it,” explains Trent Lassiter. Lassiter is the president and owner of Springhill Outfitters.

“I started working at Springhill part time in high school,” recalls Lassiter. Lassiter explains that his dad was friends with the owner, Eddie Scott, and asked Mr. Scott if he needed any help. “As early as I can remember, I went hunting with my Grandfather and Father,” Lassiter says, “So it was a great fit.” Lassiter went to college and, with a degree in Business Management, came back to work at Springhill Outfitter. In April of 2017, he bought the business and now is the sole owner.

Inside the Springhill Outfitter shop [Photo Courtesy: Springhill Outfitters]
Trent Lassiter owns Springhill Outfitters in Selma, NC [Photo Courtesy: Springhill Outfitters]

Though their primary source of revenue is firearms, archery has been growing a lot over the years. Lassiter has a few theories on why that is the case. “A few years ago it became a lot easier to buy and use a crossbow so those have become popular,” he explains. He also says that a few movies recently have featured archery and that tends to have a positive impact on the industry. In 2011, they opened the indoor archery range that is used for many different functions - lessons, corporate and birthday parties, as well as individual use. “Customers can come and try out new and different bows,” Lassiter says.

Another reason why there is an upswing of archery is the political climate. “A few years ago we were selling a real lot of handguns and ammo because people were afraid they would be made illegal because of mass shootings and things,” explains Lassiter, “Now it is not as much of a concern so people are spending their money on more leisure things like bows and arrows.” In confirming the old saying “any news is good news,” Lassiter explains that the firearms industry has been extremely successful the past decade or so.

Like many who work at his store, Lassiter likes to spend time hunting. He loves working at a place that sells what he loves and being able to meet customers that have the same passion. However, it comes at a cost. “The bad thing about the industry is that prime hunting time is also prime selling time,” chuckles Lassiter. This means that it is harder for him to get out and do his own hunting. He says, though, that the employees take turns during hunting season going out so they can do what they love.

Target practice using bows and arrows [Photo Credit: kevintobosa-CC]

Lassiter has spent time hunting elsewhere, but nowadays stays around Selma. “After college, I took a trip down to Argentina and went dove hunting,” recalls Lassiter, “And I’ve been over to Texas deer hunting and all that.” When most people think of North Carolina, they think of mountains, but this part of the state is pretty flat with cornfields. Selma is about an hour from Raleigh and two hours from the ocean. Most people hunt deer around the area. Lassiter has hunted with bows and arrows and still does when he can. Besides the popular recreational activities of archery, there is a few advantages to bowhunting as opposed to hunting with a gun. “The season opens up with bowhunting so if you had your eye on a deer in the summer, you can get it right away,” explains Lassiter. He also says it is an adrenaline rush. “You can shoot a deer from pretty far with a gun,” he says, “But with a bow, it’s best to be 20-30 yards away and that is the biggest reason I enjoy it.”

Lassiter says all sorts of people come into the shop to buy things. “We get young high schoolers who are spending their parent’s money, which is good for us,” he laughs, “And we get people from all over because we are right on Interstate 95.” Hunting at it’s core, like many outdoor activities, is just a good excuse to get away from all the noise and be in nature, something Lassiter appreciates more as he gets older. Lassiter says, “Going out and, even if I don’t get anything, it’s just great to be able to sit up there in the tree and be in the woods.” Places like Springhill Outfitters give one the resources and skills to do just that and more.

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