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A Legendary Trailer: Gypsy Wagons

Custom Campers Built By Trekker Trailers That Resembles The Legendary Wagons That Gypsies Used As Homes In The Past

The Gypsy Wagon [Courtesy/Trekker Trailers]

Gypsy Wagons are not just the horse drawn vehicles that are referred to in history, legend and lore any more. The little wagons that many gypsies used to historically call home, are now making their way into modern day use. Today, these wagons may be seen being towed behind a vehicle, and in use as a recreational vehicle. Yes, the gypsy wagons are beginning to go more mainstream and being used for RVs.

Now, being called an RV in itself isn't really anything new for these vehicles. After all, what were the gypsy wagons historically but a house on wheels. However, as the wagons have been, for the most part, put to the side by their original users, they are finding an entirely new life as campers for RVers from all over, who have discovered the charm, warmth and coziness of these little trailers.

That said, these new Gypsy Wagons are not exactly the same Gypsy Wagons from yesterday. While designers and builders do keep the design integrity of the original wagons, they are definitely built for today's camping individual or family. And these little blasts from the past seem to be making their mark in the RV world.

One manufacturer of the Gypsy Wagon trailer is Trekker Trailers  of Leesburg, Florida and owner/builder Andrew Bennett. Andrew and his Gypsy Wagons have been featured on Tiny House Nation, Tiny House Hunters and he recently filmed 2 episodes for Tiny House, Big Living (which has yet to air), eluding to the impact that these vehicles are making, not only in the RV industry but the tiny house industry as well (as it is not unusual for someone to purchase these RVs, put them on a lot and call them home).

Andrew states that he has been “building micro living quarters for 20 years”, and one of the products his company builds now is the Gypsy Wagon. In fact, Trekker Trailer has built 5 of these custom campers and had put in a bid to build 20 more. (Along with the Gypsy Wagons, Trekker Trailer also builds Teardrops, the style that launched the company.) These little RVs average 10'-15' in length and can have most anything that the more mainstream trailers will have.

Andrew Bennett And Colleagues [Courtesy/Trekker Trailers]
Inside A Gypsy Wagon [Courtesy/Trekker Trailers]
A Gypsy Wagon At The Beach [Courtesy/Trekker Trailers]

In fact, Andrew says that he and his family, which consist of his wife and 2 boys, use a 10' Gypsy Wagon themselves for their camping trips. According to Andrew, “the Gypsy style lends itself to be very strong, construction wise.” In fact, he said that a truck ran into the back of his with little to no damage to the trailer, and no damage to the structural integrity of the RV.

The average price range for a custom Gypsy Wagon, with everything, is about $15,000, and Andrew comments that his customers come from all over the country, not just local. Gypsy wagons are, for the most part, custom built for the buyer. However, many builders do have templates or stock styles that the customer may choose from and customize from that point. And with the customizing, it is surprising as to what can go into these Gypsy Wagons as far as amenities. In fact, Andrew jokes that he is a “master manipulator of square footage.”  These trailers may have either indoor or outdoor kitchens (although those who want to tend to stick to the more purist view of the Gypsy Wagon have opted for no kitchen/cooking area at all), partial or full bathrooms, which can include either a regular or compost toilet, sink and/or shower) and the hook ups for both gray and black water, a generator (for those who like to camp off grid) and even air conditioning, which in units from Trekker Trailers are permanently fixed window unit styles, not the RV roof style. And because of the small size of these units, a 15 amp system is all it needs.

As far as maintenance, Andrew says that it really is minimal for these trailers. “Because of the materials used, they have virtually no rot issues.” Occasional paint touch up may be necessary, however, even that is minimal.

When asked what the demographics were as far as customers for his Gypsy Wagons, Andrew states that “they are across the board” with no one specific age or income group showing interest in these little custom made gems. But of course, as with anything, there are those who may be on the fence about these RVs and don't really think these trailers are for them.  Andrew has a response for that too. As his company also rents the Gypsy Wagons for camping trips, he says that “for those who are not sure, once they rent one they are hooked!”


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