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The Simple Life: Air Opus

The First Ever Self-Inflating, Self-Contained Camper Trailer Is Being Introduced To The Public In Fall 2017

Air Opus Inflated and Ready To Use On The Bank Of A Lake [Courtesy/Air Opus]

Simplicity. Efficiency. There's only one camper that truly embraces the art of the quick campground set-up: The AIR OPUS, the world's first self-inflating camper trailer. Inflating in just 90 seconds, the AIR OPUS camper reduces overall setup time and removes the tradition of setting up poles completely. By just pressing a switch, an electric pump fitted inside the camper begins to inflate the AIR OPUS.

It's astonishing to watch as the AIR OPUS inflates and unfolds in record-breaking time. What starts off as a crumpled up sleeping bag-looking tarp soon expands into an artsy, stylish silhouette, inspired by the Sydney Opera House. The unique, sleek design and innovative simplicity of the AIR OPUS has caught the attention of Good Design Australia, who recently awarded the AIR OPUS a Good Design Selection in their Automotive and Transport product design category, where the AIR OPUS will be competing with well-known models like the Tesla Model X.

Available for full sale in late fall of 2017, Purple Line is currently collecting forward orders on the buzzworthy product.

For owner and managing director Paul Liner, the beauty behind the AIR OPUS isn't just how fast it is, but how easy it is to use. The idea behind the AIR OPUS for him was to remove all of the “pain points” that camping brings.

“People want to go out camping Friday night, but they don't want to mess with their tent and fill their car with the cooker and water... They don't want to set up the dark...” discussed Liner. “The idea behind the AIR OPUS is that it removes all of those pain points. Want to go camping? Want to wake up next to a lake? The AIR OPUS is self-contained. Everything is already inside. You just hitch it to your car. You just press a button. You can easily pop the button and then go to sleep or spend the night having fun with your family. And that's what easy camping is all about.”

Inside Look Of What Air Opus Has To Offer [Courtesy/Air Opus]
Sleeping Quarters Inside The Trailer [Courtesy/Air Opus]
Plenty Of Room To Relax Inside The Camper [Courtesy/Air Opus]

The AIR OPUS weighs only 1,550 pounds, allowing a Subaru Outback and other SUV's to easily pull it. It's also only 13 feet in length so it can fit inside a standard garage, with no need to worry about storage sites.

It's this astounding ease of use and simplicity that has led dozens of travelers and families to already pre-order the AIR OPUS.

“We're trying to make people's lives easier,” noted Liner. “Time is getting more valuable. Some people are fine setting up tents and camp all night, but for people looking to save time... They're asking where do they sign?”

And Liner isn't just speaking from a business point of view. The man is an avid camper himself and convenience and simplicity are things he values in his own camping experiences.

“I'm definitely that kind of person that is always looking to make my life a little bit easier,” he said. “If I can save myself ten minutes, I'm more likely to go camping. I'm very excited to install an AIR OPUS myself and go out camping more and more. That's the direction we are taking Purple Line... There are those purists that are happy to set up a tent, but me, personally, I'm looking for something more beautiful, more functional, with more features, that can be set up easily. I'm always going to do that.”

Originally from England, Liner has been with the parent company for 15 years. But he's been working in the US line for four years. His first month in America, Liner moved to Oregon, near Portland. Now he lives in southern California, which has always been one of his dreams.

“I jumped and never looked back,” he said.

Campers Enjoying A Beer Just Outside The Air Opus [Courtesy/Air Opus]
Air Opus Trailer Holding Kayaks [Courtesy/Air Opus]

The weather and the lifestyle are what drew him to California. He can drive two hours one way and go snowboarding. He can drive two hours another way and visit a beautiful beach. He loves the cities. For Liner, southern California is the perfect place to live. And camp.       

Liner is often camping with his wife throughout California, including Big Sur just last year.

“What I love about camping,” he said, “is that you're getting out for a few days and you have limited access to things like work emails... You're seeing America on a budget. You're seeing parts of America you'd never see otherwise. You are getting away from towns and hotels. You're near bike trails, kayaking, hiking... It's not 'Let's go outside and kayak at some point.' Now you're right there. You can do it. It becomes an immediate plan. You're not watching TV. You're out kayaking. It makes outdoor activities a reality. If you can go out and experience America's great outdoors, I would certainly recommend people to do that.”

But while Liner loves escaping some of the creature comforts of the modern, busy world around him, he doesn't want to remove himself from comfort completely. That's why he is often camping with OPUS campers.

“It's like a home away from home,” he said. “I don't have to deal with cramped sleeping, neck aches from crouching in a tent... There's a ton of storage space.  There's on-board water and an exterior pump. You have that freedom of just going off-site camping with no issues. You have that sense of freedom and confidence to go off-road.”

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