The National RV Trade Show in Kentucky this past November displayed ASA Electronic's new Fuzion fifth wheel, a smart tech RV featuring the iN-Command system.



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ASA Customized Fifth Wheel Features Command System 

We Are In The Age Where Turning An RV Into A Smart Home That’s Easily Controlled Through An App Seems Like It Should Have Happened, So Thinks ASA Electronics.

Jim Hess and Vince Smith of ASA Electronics standing in front of the draw up plans and main component for the Fuzion fifth wheel. [Photo Credit: David MacNeal/RV Pro]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through RV Pro's website via Google.

If you missed the National RV Tarde Show in Louisville, you havr to see ehat was debuted in terms of leading tech in RVs. This past November ASA Electronics displayed their new Fuzion fifth wheel at the Kentucky Exhibition Center. Upon further inspection, many realized that the connectivity of iN-Command Global Connect has made the fifth wheel look less like the RVs we know today and something from the future. The brain of ASA Electronic’s specially customized fifth wheel trailer is a metallic gem of wires, circuitry board, and other electronic components. Complications can arise with the new RV when warranties comes into play due to Its surgical precision of unified wiring is not the tangled ball of twine manufacturer electricians generally encounter.

RV Pro reporter David MacNeal relays in his article: "The dazzle of ASA’s fifth wheel campers is to showcase the iN-Command system included in it, which was introduced in 2014, and is now in its third generation. With the addition of Global Connect, users can be on a distant mountaintop in another state and still control and monitor their RV via 'ALEXA' as long as there’s WiFi available in both locations." More practically, if a user is on a hike, they can begin to cool off the trailer before entering it or monitor the activity outside of it to make sure it’s safe. Now that is pretty cool! It's a smart RV! MacNeal spoke with Jim Hess, RV industry manager at ASA, who says: “The industry is going to see a mad dash for smart home technology in RVs. That’s what the customer is experiencing, so that’s what they’re going to expect in their RV.” And I couldn't agree more that the technology we see every day will presumingly invade most, if not all, aspects f our lives. 

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