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News Blip: A 15 Year Old's Dream Turned Reality

Inside Tucson Business Reports On Two 15 Year Old Friends Who Started An Idea That Later Became A Quality Outdoor Company

Summit Hut Store In Tucson [Courtesy/Tucson Business]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Inside Tucson Business' website via Google.

When Dave Baker, co-founder of Summit Hut, was just 15 years old, him and his then-partner, Jeff Conn, got the idea of supplying the community with outdoor gear. That's how Summit Hut was created. Fifty years later, this company is one of the most popular outdoor gear suppliers in Tucson and continues to increase in sales year after year. Goes to show that one should never underestimate the dreams of the young.

As Inside Tucson Business writer Tobey Schmidt relates in his article:  Sales have been increasing throughout the years, and Dana said they want to focus on driving those sales with the existing business to all locations and online. “We just hope to be a good business going forward to our town and our community and our customers,” said Dana. Jeremy added, “And be a good steward to Tucson.”

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