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News Blip: Adventures In Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Star Reports On Costa Rica Earning The Title As One Of The Top Adventure Destinations In The World

The Natural Beauty Of Costa Rica

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through The Costa Rica Star's website via Google.

The well known luxury travel network Virtuoso, has recently released its list of best destinations to visit for outdoor adventures. Among the top were Iceland, Galapagos/Ecuador, followed by Costa Rica being just number three. That is a nice recognition for the beautiful country.

As The Costa Rica Star writer Jaime Lopez relates in his article: Adventure travelers are broadening their horizons beyond well-known European cities to seek new frontiers off the beaten path. Latin America is especially popular, as active travelers can experience their desired combination of nature and culture there. Remote, unspoiled destinations such as Antarctica and the Arctic are also sought after by upscale adventurers.

Check this full article at The Costa Rica Star right here.

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