Discussing The Importance Of The Outdoors With Alex Honnold



News Blip: Alex Honnold Discusses Public Land Dispute

Men's Journal Reports On Famous Outdoor Enthusiast Who Explains The Importance Of Protecting The Environment And Keeping Lands Public

Being Brave And Bold In The Outdoors [Photo Credit: Peter Bohler]

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Famous outdoor adventurer and enthusiast, Alex Honnold, explains his view on the environment, public lands, and outdoor fun. In his interview he talks about his environmental non profit Honnold Foundation, and goes in depth about why every outdoor lover should care about keeping nature clean, and standing up for public lands.

As Alex Honnold relates in his interview with Men's Journal writer Seth Heller: all humans have a moral obligation to support the ecosystems from which they draw life. Even if somebody lives in a city, they’re still supported by clean water and clear air. It’s all provided by the environment. Many people don’t care about this kind of stuff; I think it’s fair to condemn anyone who doesn’t do the best they can.

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