Business owners taking business to the outdoors, with meetings and making deals or negotiations, is possibly best course of action to show authenticity.



News Blip: Are Business Meetings Meant For The Outdoors?

The Entrepreneur Reports On What Type Of Outdoor Activities Business Owners Can Use To Engage With Clients Most Effectively

Outdoor adventure activities have a distinct way of allowing us to learn something new about others.                  

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Outdoor adventures may overtake posh country club gatherings and handshakes over a round of golf when it comes to business meetings outside of the office.  Such activities can include ski runs in luxurious resorts, mountain-biking on the unbeaten trail, or even zip-lining  over tree tops. What do these elaborate meetings show your client? It proves you are authentic, it makes you stand out from the rest, and it ultimately creates a deeper bond between you and the business partner that you cannot get elsewhere. 

Entrepreneur guest writer Lisa Evans describes what to consider when choosing activities for business meetings: Make it authentic. Do something that’s meaningful to you and that you really enjoy doing. Make it accessible to a variety of individuals’ levels and abilities so as not to risk excluding anyone from participating. Make it challenging so that both parties feel like they have dealt with something difficult and accomplished it together.

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