Rec Act Boosts Colorado's Industry



News Blip: Boosting Colorado's Industry

Denver Business Journal Reports On Colorado's Outdoor Recreation Act That Is Giving The State's Industry A Boost

Chris Romer, Vail Valley President [Photo Credit: Brooke Heather]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Denver Business Journal's website via Google.

The Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act was recently passed in December, and Colorado's economy is already seeing a boost. Many companies, like Vail Valley rely on the outdoor industry and have been positively impacted by this act.

As Denver Business Journal writer Chris Romer relates in his article: Our local economy is dependent on this outdoor recreation and it is the role of Vail Valley Partnership to help ensure an environment where local businesses can survive and thrive. That is why we celebrate the Outdoor REC Act and applaud the bipartisan effort behind escalating this important bill – especially the leadership of Colorado Senator Cory Gardner.

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