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News Blip: Branding On A Budget

Skift Reports On The Effective Way Of Branding A Lifestyle On A Budget Through Instagram And Other Digital Media

Creating A Lifestyle Brand Through Instagram

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Skift's website via Google.

We have entered into a new age where everything is becoming digital, and everyone is on social media. Companies and individuals who want to brand themselves no longer have to spend a high budget in order to be effective. Social sites like Instagram give the ability to brand and market on a low budget. Now all one has to do is upload a nice picture, and with the right hashtags and audience one could go very far.

As Skift writer Jeremy Kressman relates in his article: For Wagner, the insight into how he might build this potential community came from personal experience. “I would say we are embracing aspects of doing stuff outdoors, sleeping on the floor, in your car, on your buddies couch for example, that I think was being ignored by an industry too focused on hi-tech mumbo jumbo.”

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