Western State Colorado University plans to launch a Masters of Business Administration program aimed at the outdoors industry.



News Blip: College Enlists Outdoor Industry MBA Program 

Gear Junkie Reports On Western University (CO) Launching An MBA Program For Business Leaders To Learn Unique Challenges Of Outdoor Industry

Students Geared Up Ready For A Climb [Photo Credit: Sean McCoy/GearJunkie]                  

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As a new educational degree, the outdoors MBA at WSCU is designed for people in the industry looking for knowledge and validation of a master’s degree,” said Dr. Peter Sherman, Dean of the School of Business at Western State Colorado University. With the growing enthusiasm of getting outdoors for relaxation and fun, the business for entrepreneurs is ripe for the taking. 

Gear Junkie writer Sean McCoy relates in his article: "The two-year program will likely include 36 total credit hours. During the final year, employed students will work on a project for their company as a capstone, supervised by a PhD in the field." Courses unique to the program include climate policy, climate regulation, land management, retail management, and sustainable practices.

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