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News Blip: Connecting People And Nature

Cambridge Times Reports On GRCA That Is Encouraging People To Go Outdoors By Giving Outdoor Education Classes To Children

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Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Cambridge Times' website via Google.

GRCA is encouraging people to connect with nature by giving outdoor education classes to children and hoping that it will get their parents outside. For a long time now, more people have been disconnected with nature, being busy with work and staying indoors to watch TV or be on the phone. But GRCA is hoping to change this behavior with their new strategy.

As Cambridge Times writer Ray Martin relates in his article: Meanwhile, Ryan said the GRCA’s message encouraging everyone to get out and enjoy the outdoors seems to be getting through. “The experiences they have at the nature centers will stay with those kids. They are going home telling their parents and encouraging them to connect with nature,” she said.

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