Recreation and conservation groups, advocates and businesses mobilize to defend public lands at a time access is being threatened.



News Blip: Defending Public Lands 

The Denver Post Reports On The Threats Looming Over The Recreation Community & Their Unique Lifestyle And How They Can Be Overcome

Bikers On The Trails Of Apex Park In Jefferson County [Photo Credit: Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post]                  

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The threats and challenges emerging from outside forces targets the outdoor recreation industry and people inside the community. At the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s annual Partners in the Outdoors Conference in Breckenridge earlier this month, the theme was an increasingly urgent call for cooperation. If enough people care and act, things can get done, laws can change, and future generations can reap the benefits from our actions. 

Denver Post writer Jason Blevins relays in his article: "The Colorado Parks and Wildlife legislation that just failed to reach the Colorado Senate would have given the state wildlife commission more ability to raise residential hunting and fishing fees as part of a plan to foil a looming budget mess that promises closures, lost access and fewer licenses." Every one that takes these matters into consideration must ban together if our public lands are to stay pristine for recreational use. 

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