American Outdoor Brands is a manufacturer of firearms and a provider of accessory products for the shooting, hunting and outdoor enthusiast.



News Blip: Firearms Company Plans To Focus On Outdoor Gear

Seeking Alpha Reports On American Outdoor Brands Considering To Diversify The Company's Revenues Towards Outdoor Gear Business

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Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Seeking Alpha's website via Google.

American Outdoor Brands, or AOBC, currently has a strong balance sheet with good interest coverage and is currently trading below its intrinsic value. Outdoor enthusiasts may not know the popular brands under the AOBC umbrella. In the shooting, hunting and the rugged outdoors markets, some of the brands include Smith & Wesson, Battenfeld Technologies, Crimson Trace companies, Imperial, Golden Rod, etc. 

Seeking Alpha reports in their article: "Gross margins are indicative of the company’s ability to produce sizable returns. Historically, the company’s gross margin has consistently stayed above 30%, with exception to 2009 during the recession."  If you are a long-term investor in the company, you should be optimistic the business will withstand any economic hardships due to its strong historic performance.

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