Teaching Others How To Save A Life



News Blip: Learning How To Save A Life

Local News 8 Reports On Guns And Gear Company That Is Teaching Individuals How To Save Someone's Life In The Outdoors

Trevor Clark giving safety class at Guns and Gear [Courtesy/Local News 8]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Local News 8's website via Google.

As much as we all enjoy going on outdoor adventures, it is always important to learn how to take care of others when accidents happen. Accidents in the outdoors are not uncommon, and that's why Guns and Gear in Idaho Falls is giving lessons to teach others how to react and act in those moments.

As Local News 8 writer Pheben Kassahun relates in their article: "We're learning about packing wounds and trauma wounds, so this could apply to anything from car accidents, gunshot wounds to knife wounds," Clark said. "Getting the tourniquet applied quick. You don't realize how quick and how much pressure you got to do to get that on there."

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