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News Blip: Outdoor Retailers Team Up With Sports Brands

Transworld Business' Rhea Cortado Reports On Outdoors Retailers Who Are Teaming Up with Action Sports Brands

A Seea surf suit shown at Outdoor Retailer’s Venture Out section [Courtesy/Transworld Business]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Transworld Business' website via Google.

There has been a recent movement in the outdoor industry where retailers have been working with action sports brands in order to maximize the customers experience of their products and clothing lines. Both industries have also been learning from each other; what one lacks the other has.

Moreover, some of the famous brands that outdoor retailers have been working with include Indosole, Norton Point, Woolrich, United By Blue, Roxy, See, Nau, Reef, Lucy Indigo, Carve, and Toad & Co. The main goal of these industries working together is to balance functionality and style.

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