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News Blip: Outdoor Schooling Makes Learning Affordable

KUOW Reports On A New Outdoor School System That Presents Affordable Schooling For Kids While They Learn And Go On Adventures

Teddy and Annie McGlynn-Wright With Their Kids [Photo Credit: Greg Davis]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through KUOW's website via Google.

Many parents nowadays, are worried their kids won't get the schooling they deserve which can lead to negative consequences in the future. Either they are too expensive, or they have an insane waiting list. Now, there is a new affordable school system being introduced which takes kids outdoors while they learn about the environment and the world. Parents, Teddy and Annie McGlynn-Wright, decided they would partake in this new adventure and opened their own outdoor preschool.

As KUOW editor relates in the article: “The children who are attending Tiny Trees every day for five days a week will be spending the majority of their waking days outdoors immersed in nature,” says Andrew Jay, CEO of Tiny Trees. “There’s no better way to give children an intimate connection to the environment of the Northwest.”

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