"Girls getaways" are becoming more popular as more women are booking trips with each other for a weekend.



News Blip: Plan A Trip With Your Girlfriends 

Travel Market Report Covers The Growing Trend Of Girlfriends Getting Together And Traveling For A Weekend Getaway To Balance Work And Home 

Group of Women Taking A Girlfriend Getaway With A Bicycling Tour [Photo Credit: Richard D'Ambrosio/TravelMarketReport]                  

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Women looking to spend time with their friends away from work and home and all the stress of daily life do not have to feel ashamed to do so. More women are booking trips with each other for a weekend, a week and longer, agents tell Travel Market Report. Millennial women are especially good for girls getaways, because of the stress they face in balancing work and home. "It's like a contest for younger women who work," Tammy Parsons Peterson, founder of Retreats Unlimited, said. 

Travel Market Report writer Richard D'Ambrosio speaks with Tammy Parsons Peterson and she relates in his article: "I think women are finally having the conversation as mothers, partners, that self-care with people you are close with, can help you physically feel better, avoid getting sick, refresh yourself. When you vacation as a mom or spouse, you won't necessarily get the chance to talk about your troubles and care for you the way you can with your girlfriends." Great times for businesses to market these trips for women are when their kids are at a sleep away camp or school, or even when they are with their father for the weekend. 

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