Surviving The Wild With Professionals



News Blip: Professionals Talk Survival In The Wild

Gaylord Herald Times Reports On Professional Survivalists Who Educate Outdoor Enthusiasts On How To Survive In The Wild

Allen Ballard Enjoying The Great Outdoors [Courtesy/Allen Ballard]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Gaylord Herald Times' website via Google.

Professional survivalists, like Allen Ballard and Vic Ouelette talk about surviving in the wild, educating outdoor fanatics on how to prepare and find necessary resources when things don't go as planned. Ballard says those first 72 hours are essential to ones survival.

As Gaylord Herald Times writer Arielle Breen relates in her article: “When we talk about wilderness survival or wilderness skills, (we are talking about) ones that we need to know how to survive for 72 hours,” Allen Ballard said. In those critical 72 hours, he said, people need water, food and shelter. He said in winter or summer, people need protection from the elements. “After three days without water, your body will actually start to shut down,” Ballard said.

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