RV resort scheduled to be built on 41 acres of undeveloped land in the Fairfield overlay district .



News Blip: Proposed 41 Acre RV Park 

NOLA Reports On Development Of New Destination For RVers In Avondale's Fairfield District With Over 180 Parking Sites

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Louisiana's Fairfield district may be adding an RV destination for those road warriors out there. Full-time RVers live on the road and they definitely need places to stop, rest and most importantly park their RV. A 41-acre park specifically for RVs was proposed for development by a camping enthusiast and approved by Jefferson Parish Council earlier this year. 

NOLA reporter Littice Bacon-Blood relays in her article: "Aron Andrus, who said he grew up vacationing via RV's with his parents and continues the tradition with his own family, said he wants to tap into a $50 billion national market with what he describes as an upscale venture targeting millennials to baby boomers and snow birds." The funding is whats still needs to be obtained and then the project will get underway. However, this sort of large scale development will cost around $7 million to complete.

Check out the full article at NOLA right here.

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