Keeping Public Lands Public With Outdoor Enthusiasts.



News Blip: Protecting Public Lands

Outside Reports On The Importance Of Hunters, Hikers, And Other Outdoor Enthusiasts To Co-Exist In Order To Protect Public Lands

A group of bull elk rest amid snow-covered sagebrush in Silver Creek outside Park City, Utah [Photo Credit:Tom Kelly]

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Often times, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts see each other as foes instead of allies. With all the recent commotion going on about the public lands in the United States, it has been imperative that all who love the outdoors stand up against the congress' attempt to make these unfair changes.

As Outside writer Wes Siler relates in his article: “One of the great things about this issue is that it’s opening both sides of this great big family to our commonality,” says Mark Kenyon, a Michigan-based hunter who’s trying to drag that industry into the 21st century via his website, Wired to Hunt. Rather than viewing hunting and outdoor recreation as opposing forces, Kenyon suggests we’re all just a bunch of people who love the outdoors, its animals, and the clean air, water, and unspoiled spaces that make all that possible.

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