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News Blip: REI Gets Women Outdoors

The Spokesman Review Reports On REI Who Is Refocusing Its Campaign On Women In Order To Inspire Them To Get Outdoors

REI Promotion [Courtesy/REI]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through The Spokesman Review's website via Google.

The popular outdoor company, REI, is refocusing their marketing efforts to attract more women to the outdoors. This campaign is called "Force Of Nature" and will be putting women at the forefront with events, donations, education and more. After a study that they conducted, it was clear that most women don't perceive themselves as outdoorsy, and this is what REI wants to change.

As The Spokesman Review writer Stephen Regenold relates in his article: On the gear front, REI notes it’s “closing the gear gap” with new products developed for women by women. From color choices to technical specs, the brand is rebooting its in-house line. Today, 45 percent of all REI employees and nearly half of corporate officers are women. The company noted it will focus even more on women in leadership and a commitment to gender balance throughout its company structure.

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