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Smart Company Reports On Zone RV Co-Founder Matt John's Success In Handling Business And Creating A $6 Million Company

Matt John, Zone RV Co Founder [Courtesy/Smart Company]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Smart Company's website via Google.

Zone RV co-founder, Matt John, explains his success in business, and how he helped build and grow a $6 million company. The Zone RV owners who were once known for their boats decided it was time to venture out into outdoor travel, and started building caravans instead. In his interview he gives tips and his experience on owning a business.

As Matt John relates in his interview with Smart Company: We’ve definitely got the talent; it’s about how people are managed, and keeping people engaged in the business. People always talk about the younger business generation as not being not as motivated, but we’ve got a pretty young workforce here.

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