Meizhong RV at the China (Beijing) International RV & Camping Exhibition.



Bridging A Growing Industry: Meizhong RV

Importer Zhong Guang Xian Discusses Supply & Demand In A Rapidly Accelerating Economy At Beijing RV Show

Zhong Guang Xian at the Beijing (China) RV Show & Camping Exhibition. [Photo Credit: Tim Wassberg]

The balance of supply versus demand especially with foreign material versus home grown material is a matter of national pride. This is true of the China RV Industry as well. However in a growing industry, there is a time of bridging where there will be a balance between domestic machinery and that brought in from other countries. Deciding what sells best comes down to both consumers and demand of the market.  Zhong Guang Xian of Meizhong RV knows that with experience comes understanding. Xian sat down with MRV: The Buzz Editor In Chief Tim Wassberg at the Beijing RV Show & Exhibition to discuss practicality, geographical implementation and growing business.

The Buzz: How did you get involved with the China RV industry?

Zhong Guang Xian: Meizhong RV is a trading company. Because of the parallel import industry [for RVs] and an increasingly thin profit margin, as well as the country's policy guidance, we gradually began to do imported RVs. 

The Buzz: How many types of RVs do you import? Is there a specific kind that Chinese people like?

ZGX: I think the length of the travel trailer [needs to be] under 8 meters which is easy to register [for a] license. It has a good future.

The Buzz: Do the Chinese buyers ask for certain accessories like air conditioner or windows?

ZGX: For Chinese people, an American RV is more stable, has more safety and has more space. People like to choose double-axle RVs. [Chinese] people also think that American RV is less delicate than European RVs. But different people have different preferences.

The Buzz: Is the RV industry seasonal here in China or do people buy RVs all year?

ZGX: Actually [it does not] matter if it’s RVing in the USA or in Germany or other places, RV utilization rate in the summer is higher than in winter because the water system and insulation system of an RV restricts its use in winter. Most Chinese customers in the Northeast of China will drive RV to Sanya City which in the south of China [during the cold months].

Zhong Guang Xian On Business Trip. [Courtesy: Zhong Guang Xian]
Zhong Guang Xian At Trade Show. [Courtesy: Zhong Guang Xian]

The Buzz: Which one model is more popular in the North of China versus the South of China?

ZGX: [So far] I have not found obvious difference between the people from the North of China and the people from South of China. But [as a comparison] the southern customer buys an RV for the high utilization. In the South of China, people can drive their RV all the year. But in North of China for just two months can people can drive their RV [because of the cold]. It seems like the South of China might have a bigger demand market than the North of China.

The Buzz: Can you talk about the Beijing RV show? How important is it being here for you?

ZGX: The aim to come to this show is to spread the world and let more people know about the Meizhong RV brand. This show is two times every year. But for us, the cost of two times every year is too much. So we come to this show once a year [without] passing into silence.

The Buzz: More RVs and more campsites are being built in China because the government support the RV movement. As a result, where is the RV industry going in the future?

ZGX: According to national policy guidance and with RV Family members growing, RV customers will have substantial growth [here in China] in the next three years.

The Buzz: That said, how important in the sales market are clubs like RV Family to fuel sales?

ZGX: Every year [here] you will meet the familiar faces of RV Family members including speakers and others. The development of the China RV camping industry is promoted by these people.  National policy moves gradually a good way toward the RV industry.  [Right now in China, we are in] the spring of the RV industry.

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Meizhong RV, also known as Tianjin American Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. (referred to as the public car) is a large parallel import car traders. The company registered capital of 20 million yuan, mainly engaged in "Europe and the United States high-end trailer car" and other products .

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