Nicholas Peterson Is A RVer & Photographer Who Has Fallen In Love With His Travels Around The World.



RV Road Stories: Nike Pete

The Nomad Lifestyle Gives This RVer & Photographer A Perfect Combination Of Affordability And Comfort On His Open-Ended Travel

Photographer Nicholas Peterson A.K.A Nike Pete Living The Nomadic Lifestyle [Photo Credit: Nicholas Peterson]

For many RVers, the nomad lifestyle starts off as a temporary trip arrangement. Photographer Nicholas Peterson purchased his 1986 Toyota Dolphin for a month long west coast trip. “I had no intention of choosing the mobile life,” he explains, “on the trip I fell in love with the RV and the lifestyle.”

Nick was born and raised in Southern California. He spent most of his pre-nomad working life as a trained metal fabricator. His love for photography blossomed from a hobby to a profession. “I bought my first real camera about five years ago, so I guess that when I really began my journey as a photographer.” He had his camera, an urge to travel and now he just needed his ride.

Nick’s metal fabrication training came in handy when he bought his retro Toyota Dolphin. The Dolphin is a quirky little RV with practical benefits that appealed to him. The Dolphin first hit the US RV market in the 70’s and offered reasonable fuel mileage, ease of parking and maneuverability and didn't cost an arm and a leg.  For laid back travelers like Nick, it was the perfect combination of affordability and comfort. However, the RV needed some work.  “I refurbished the entire roof, rebuilt a lot of the interior,” he says. He installed a solar panel system with a large inverter that allows him to run it without plugging in. It’s still a work in progress. “It's become a part of my life to just improve it little by little.”

Hitting The Road And Not Looking Back [Photo Credit: Nicholas Peterson]
Nike Pete And Friend Gazing At Campfire [Photo Credit: Nicholas Peterson]

Nick’s RV might not be completely outfitted to how he wants it yet, but that doesn’t stop him from exploring some amazing places on the west coast. “The Olympic Peninsula in Northern Washington was one of three most beautiful places I've ever been,” says Nick, “another highlight would have to be the Lost Coast of California, namely a little town called Petrolia.” The Lost Coast is one of the Californian’s least well-known wonderlands. It’s mostly a natural and development-free area of the Northern Californian coastline. For a photographer and nature lover, it’s clear why it’s one of Nick’s favorite places.  In his Instagram feed, Nick describes it as “the purest piece of the California puzzle. It's like the last piece of the puzzle that fell out of the box and got kicked under the couch. It does however take your breath away once you see the last piece in place.”

RV travel has allowed Nick to pursue his passion without the worry of leaving home. His favorite thing about traveling via RV is “the simplicity,” says Nick, “also, everything I need on a day to day basis is always with me. I never leave home without my home.” And, when he’s ready to discover a new place, he’s already packed and ready to go. “I love that if I want to take a trip I'm usually only a couple hours away from being ready to go,” he says. 

Although Nick loves California’s north coast, his Instagram feed is full of spectacular views of hidden gems all over the west. As far as the most photogenic places he’s been so far, “Yosemite National Park and Alabama Hills, CA.,” says Nick. Why? Nick explains, “the beauty of each of those places will envelope you, you can look in almost any direction and take a photo of a beautiful landscape. The concentration of beauty in these places is staggering.” Some of his most compelling captures are the night scenes. The sheer number of stars he can capture on camera is mesmerizing. However, it’s clear what his object of affection is: coastlines. The amazing shots of the dynamic West Coast will leave you speechless. 

One Of Nick's Stunning Shots On A Rocky Shore [Photo Credit: Nicholas Peterson]
Nick's RV Of Choice: 1986 Toyota Dolphin [Photo Credit: Nicholas Peterson]
Meditation At High Altitudes [Photo Credit: Nicholas Peterson]

For those on the fence about trying nomad life, Nick says, “you probably do want to do it and you should.” Like many nomads who chose to live the open road life, there’s always that slight trepidation at the start. Nick suggests that you take a test run first. “If you don't think you want to I think you ought to give it a try, “he says, “rent an RV or google juicy van and see for yourself.”  There are many places to rent RVs or vans to give the open road life a shot without the cost commitment. Nick says, “I wasn't sold on it till I had already been on the road several weeks.”

What’s next for Nick? Supporting his nomad lifestyle.  He hopes to create a profitable business using his talents to pay for his mobile lifestyle. “I also plan to see as much of this world as possible,” says Nick.


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