Tennessee's Eureka Campers introduces affordable truck campers. This long-time small travel trailer producer is now selling ultra-lightweight truck bed campers which have begun appearing at RV sales centers across the nation. The folks at Eureka Campers are very helpful. With advance notice, they will be happy to provide you with a plant tour, showing how their trailers and truck campers are built.



Eureka's SlideINN Campers Fit Most Pickups

Tennessee RV Maker Introduces Affordable Truck Campers For Travelers That Need A Relatively Inexpensive Towable Or Slide-In That Will Last

A Eureka customer from Louisiana picking up his Slide-Inn Camper [Photo Credit: Eureka Campers]

“Everything you need, and nothing you don't,” is a quote from Bill Baldwin, Eureka Campers founder and developer in Columbia, Tennessee. This long-time small travel trailer producer is now selling affordable ultra-lightweight truck campers which have begun appearing at RV sales centers across the nation. Eureka's manufacturing plant in Middle Tennessee has long produced small, lightweight 1,300-pound pull-behind travel trailers starting at $4,995. Now, with a back-to-the-future move, they are producing light-weight, low-cost truck camper models to slide in the truck bed using innovative materials. In addition, they are offering a standard wood-based model, which fits well onto the backs of lighter-weight pickup trucks, such as the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier, unable to handle heavier truck campers. Compared to most other truck camper makers' heavier models, these models are truly inexpensive.

“Truck Campers were very popular in the 1950's and 60's, and today interest in them has returned,” says Baldwin. “Costs all depend upon the options a buyer selects,” he says. Options include full amenities, including air-conditioning, full galleys, easily convertible dining amenities, and convertibles for sleeping in queen-sized beds, with or without lavatory amenities. Storage for water, batteries, on-board electronics, furnaces, and outside showers are the further options and, at Eureka Campers, all are available at affordable prices. 

Eureka campers feature both 10-foot over-the-cab model and shorter, 8-foot slide-in truck campers. Baldwin says, “all of his campers worry about where they are gonna go, rather than how they're gonna pay for it.” His truck campers are easily set up at camping sites and in the boondocks, while consequently being easy to tow. “If you are a family of three, the cab-over camper option is more suitable because of its spaciousness; however, Baldwin notes, “This is a much heavier option, and at times can cost you much more than a shorter model, without cab-over.” One huge advantage of a truck camper is that you can tow an additional vehicle. Baldwin suggests, “You can pull a boat or small flatbed trailer for hauling ATV's, mopeds or motorcycles without overloading your truck.” But be cautious here as even a slight overload can be a big problem when you are far away from repair shops, or your home.

Small Eureka camper on campsite [Photo Credit: Eureka Campers]
The inside sink area of the lightweight Eureka [Photo Credit: Eureka Campers]

Baldwin also notes that Eureka Truck Campers offer much easier storage when not traveling. “Even for an avid and passionate traveler, there are times when you want to rest at home with your family.” If you have a conventional truck camper on your truck, you can just leave it on and travel around town. An option for travelers looking to save on fuel consumption should strongly consider Eureka campers.

As mentioned, Eureka Campers produces the SlideINN for pickups, starting at $4,995. These come with or without the cab-over feature and have a low profile design, welded aluminum construction, a dinette that converts into a bed, laminated aluminum exterior walls for light-weight construction, aluminum framed cabinets, sink with on-board and city water systems, self-contained flushing toilet, refrigerator, and microwave oven. Features all standard for both full-sized and smaller model pickup trucks.

Eureka Campers manufactures a “Get-A-Way Camper,a 6.5 x 12-ft camper starting at $6,495. This is Eureka's shortest, lightest and more affordable pull-behind travel trailer coming in at around 1,300 pounds. The standard model features bench seats that convert to a full-sized bed, while the Eureka Sport Model travel trailer has a twin-bed setup of 75-inches offering plenty of leg room. The Get-A-Way Model is what Baldwin calls, “a compact trailer with the conveniences of home, easily towed with almost any vehicle.” Describing in detail the welded aluminum construction, full height rear entry door with screen, heavy duty wide-track running gear with 15-inch tires, Baldwin says the framing is built so no rotting or deterioration is imminent. Instead a laminated aluminum exterior makes for light-weight construction. All standard, is again a refrigerator and microwave, tongue mounted locking storage locker and self-contained flush toilet. Available options include a pedestal table, portable waste tank, spare tire and rack with battery box, air conditioner with cover, outdoor two-burner propane stove with aluminum cover, and rollout sleep bunk. Now wow, that will fulfill your needs plus some!

Cushion resting area and bed as well [Photo Credit: Eureka Campers]
Affordable and lightweight truck campers perfect for newcomers to the RV lifestyle [Photo Credit: Eureka Campers]

Next is the 6.5 x 14-ft pull-behind Rambler Campers. With a starting price at $7,500, it has a lot of the same standard features as the Get-A-Way, except that it is larger.

The folks at Eureka Campers in Tennessee are very helpful. With advance notice, they will be happy to provide you with a plant tour, showing how their trailers and truck campers are built. Bill Baldwin, a long-time camping enthusiast, is a fountain of information when it comes to his business. He warns that the most important part of any camping experience is the type of truck camper or travel trailer you have. “You have to be very careful with your choice, because buying the wrong one can be a lot of hassle. Truck campers are mostly suited for short trips, but enthusiasts won't mind long trips either,” he advises.

“If you are a passionate traveler looking at opportunities to boondock, go hunting in the wild, or just go out to enjoy nature, the right truck camper can be the savior of your trip. A first and foremost advantage of purchasing a Eureka is: You don't have to tow anything. Of course, if you do have a boat or a small travel trailer, you can bring those along on your trip, as well, with the truck camper. 

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