Pod Tents Interconnect By Zippers And Are Designed With Safety And Comfort In Mind.



Ultimate Community Camping: Pod Tents

Genius Universal Tunnel System Connects Tents For A Communal Style Of Space And Comfort Allowing Large Groups To Camp Together

PODs Connected On A Camping Trip Allowing For A Communal Space [Courtesy/POD Tents]

Like many working professionals, Jason Thorpe cherishes what free time he can get. He loves to get out in the woods to camp with his wife, kids and friends. For Jason, camping reminds him of what life is about, “no phones, no iPads and no TV. Spending time with family, smelling the campfire and waking up at the crack of dawn as the birds spring into life.” Moreover, he loves catching the latest music festival or rugby game.  However, huddling under a gazebo to keep dry and warm during these outings was not his not idea of a good time. On a summer camping trip in 2011, Jason thought of a better way to connect a group of tents to make camping with friends and family even easier.

When camping with friends and small children, Jason and his wife had to decide when it was bed time for the kids who would go back to the tent with them and who could stay and hang out with their group of friends. Their friends also had to make the same choice. That’s when the idea hit him. “What if you had a group of tents that were interconnected and you could socialize as a group of people in one tent and your children tucked away securely in the next tent only a tunnel distance away,” he pondered.

As soon as he got home from that camping trip he began to work on his new tent concept. He started his company, M2C Innovation in Kimbolton, England shortly after. By 2013 the first generation of Pods hit the market—the Elite. “The Pod allows people to come together by joining up tents,” he explains, “so as your family or social group grows you don’t have to throw away the tent you’ve outgrown. You simply add another Pod to your system.” Another benefit of the Pod is that it is tall enough so you can stand up and walk around. No more hunchbacked walking or crawling around. “Which means no more stooping over!” says Jason. Space is the key to Pods and there is plenty of it.

The Spacious Interior Of A POD [Courtesy/POD Tents]
Founder Of Pod Tents Jason Thorpe [Courtesy/POD Tents]

Jason’s tent design first and foremost keeps safety and comfort in mind. “The Pods are connected using a simple universal tunnel system that zips onto a doorway of each tent and allows you to then freely travel from one tent to another without being exposed to the outside elements,” he explains. Apart from the ingenious tunnel system, the sheer size and scale of the Pods it what most people are impressed with.  The communal style of space layout of the tent is intended for maximum comfort for both sleeping and living. 

 Currently, the Pod Elite comes in two sizes, Maxi and Mini. The Maxi sleeps a maximum of eight people and the Mini up to four. However, the connectors bring together multiple PODs that can accommodate any size group.  You can build a camping community that's as large as you like. These tents can function as tiny homes out in the wilderness.

In addition to size and safety, there are the little details which make the Pod even more attractive, like how easy they are to set up. They are made from rip stop polyester with taped seams, PVC windows, and support poles that are all the same length. There is also a silver coating inside the material that helps reduce the internal temperature inside the tent. Perfect for camping in hot weather.

Jason's Other Line Of Luxury Tents, Qubes [Courtesy/POD Tents]
Camper Enters Walkway Of Tent With No Hunching Necessary [Courtesy/POD Tents]
POD Maxi Elite Tent As Shown On Pod Tents Website [Courtesy/POD Tents]

“We make the bags 30% bigger so you can actually get the tent back in the bag when you are done,” muses Jason. The Maxi Pod weighs about 52 pounds and is completely weatherproof. The only “bad” thing about having a unique tent is that “you end up having loads of people coming and asking about the tent and asking for a tour,” explains Jason. Nice for word of mouth marketing, not so great if you prefer the solace of time out in nature. 

Jason is working on some new additions to his Pod line. “We are currently working on an Extreme version for harsh conditions and right now that’s being tested on Mount Kilimanjaro. After we get the results back on this we expect to introduce that to the range for 2018/19 seasons. We are also working on some new possible color options on the Pod Elite,” says Jason. He also has another design of tents called Qube in the works. 

Ironically, with the success of his tents, Jason must squeeze in camping time when he can. “I maybe get the odd weekend here or there to go camping,” he says. When he does, it’s quality time and in the comfort of his Pod tent.


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