23 Year Old Converts Van Into RV Home



News Blip: 23 Year Old Converts Van Into Home

NBC News' Harriet Baskas Reports On Zach Both Living The Van Lifestyle

Inside Zach Both's Van [Courtesy/NBC News]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through NBC News' website via Google.

23 year old Zach Both has converted his van into a home. The idea first came to his mind when he thought of living cheaply while filming in Los Angeles. He then read testimonies and stories of others online who have already done it, and was sold on the idea. This new lifestyle, however, he says isn’t for everyone.

"They need to make sure they can handle all the aspects of living a mobile lifestyle, not just the inspiring, care-free lifestyle that's presented in pretty photos on Instagram," said Both. "A few weeks in a van should give you enough of a taste to determine whether this is for you."

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