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News Blip: A Natural Remedy

San Francisco Chronicle Reports On The Many Positive Effects That Nature Has On The Health Of Individuals

Eight-year-old Marco David (left) and 7-year-old Marietou Keita fish on the docks at Lake Chabot [Photo Credit: Mason Trinca]

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Nature's health benefits often go unnoticed and aren't focused on as much as other medical practices. However, it is evident that when people go outdoors, it relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, takes away depression and so much more. Dr. Razani, a pediatrician in Oakland, takes her patients and their families on fun outdoor adventures for bonding, and as a natural remedy.

As San Francisco Chronicle writer Erin Allday relates in her article: Every month, Razani escorts families she knows through her practice to a different East Bay regional park. They have only one goal: to be in nature. They may learn something, they may get some exercise and vitamin D, but their assignment is to just be. “From cradle to grave, there is compelling evidence that human beings need to be in natural settings,” said Razani. “We just need to let nature do its own work.”

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