Giving A Helping Hand With Sheila Rosenthal



News Blip: Always Giving A Helping Hand

JC Online Reports On Sheila Rosenthal, Who Has Her Hands Full Between Being A Nurse, Political Activist, And An Outdoor Enthusiast

Sheila Rosenthal [Photo Credit: Kathy Mayer]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through JC Online's website via Google.

Sheila Rosenthal is an outdoor enthusiast who spends her time being a nurse, and political activist, while still finding time for outdoor activities. Sheila and her husband have done everything from hosting speakers, taking public action, and holding forums. She has a passion for helping her community and never grows weary of doing it.

As JC Online writer Kathy Mayer relates in her article: “I feel I need to do what I can, and with other people in the community,” she said. Joined in that pursuit by her husband, Frank Rosenthal, “We have become pretty adept at gathering volunteers, getting involved in different issues, coordinating educational events and bringing people together,” she said.

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