Heather Helzer and her 10 month son hiked the Chilkoot Trail in Alaska.



News Blip: Baby Backpacking Trek 

ADN Reports On Alaska Mother Hiking A 33 Mile Trail Along The Chilkoot Pass With Her 10-Month Old Baby Strapped In For The Ride

Heather Helzer With Finch On Her Backpacking Trip On The Chilkoot Trail [Courtesy: Heather Helzer/ADN]                  

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Alaska Dispatch News' website via Google.

Meanwhile in Alaska, a baby year old baby has completed a trek lasting about 2 days...with the help of mom of course. The Chilkoot Trail stretches from Dyea near Skagway up and over the Chilkoot Pass on the way to Lake Bennett, British Columbia. Heather provides recommendations for parents who love the outdoors but have a child/children to take care of also. In short, she explains how you can get outside with your infant and still manage. 

ADN writer Erin Kirkland relates in here article: "Helzer's journey is not all that unusual, thanks to a growing worldwide trend of raising nature-loving children." In Alaska, it's nowadays less difficult for people to seek out and find playgroups, hiking clubs, and outdoor preschools that focus on nurturing little ones to the value of outside spaces from day one. 

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