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News Blip: Becoming An Outdoor Woman

KTUU Reports On The Alaskan Department Of Fish And Game That Recently Hosted An Outdoor Workshop For Women

Hiking In The Snow

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through KTUU's website via Google.

This past week, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game hosted an outdoor workshop for women wanting to learn how to survive in the wild. This workshop, called "BOW: Becoming an Outdoors Woman", thought women everything from archery, ice fishing, and using a chainsaw,  to gun safety, skinning, and cooking hot meals in the wild.

As KTUU writer Mike Ross relates in his article: Heather Huser of Anchorage said, "I've been here since I was six, but I still don't know a lot about the outdoors. It was more of a learning opportunity to try things I haven't done before and would like to learn more about."

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