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News Blip: Capturing The Outdoors

Mother Nature Network Reports On Outdoor Photographer Who Has Been Holding Workshops To Teach And Inspire Other Young Women

 Suzi Eszterhas assists one of the teens in her wildlife photography workshop [Photo Credit: Jaymi Heimbuch]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Mother Nature Network's website via Google.

Suzi Eszterhas is a photographer that has taken it upon herself to inspire and teach young women all about photography and how to conquer this male dominated industry. She started giving free wildlife photography workshops in California for all those interested in capturing beauty outdoors.

As MNN writer Jaymi Heimbuch relates in her article: Well-respected for her work documenting the lives of newborn wild animals and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, Eszterhas had her eye on a particular audience lately — junior high and high school girls who have a budding interest in photographing nature. "This field is male-dominated, and I think that it's difficult sometimes as a teen girl to really fathom doing something like this as a job," says Eszterhas. "My goal is to make girls realize it's a possibility and it doesn't have to be a dream."

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