Glamping is catching on in Maine with luxury camping and treehouses.



News Blip: Comfort In Camping 

Portland Press Herald Reports On The Spread Of Glamping In Maine As Entrepreneurs Move Fast To Capitalize On Popularity Of Getting Outdoors

"Glamping" Tent At Sandy Pines Campground [Photo Credit: Ben McCanna/Portland Press Herald]                  

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Luxury camping has become a thing and people demand obvious amenities when out in the wild with their loved ones or family. Business owners in the space are hoping to capitalize on the growing popularity of camping. A report from industry group KOA released in May, estimated 13 million more households plan to camp in 2017 than in 2016 — an increase fueled by millennials, which account for 38 percent of 75 million active camper households.

Portland Press Herald writer Peter McGuire relates in his article: "In Georgetown, Philip Francis and his family are getting through their first season running Sequin Tree Dwellings, three small treehouses built 18-feet up in a pine stand overlooking the Back River. The little houses include elevated walkways and kitchens; the newest and largest has a wood-fired hot tub with river views. The houses go for $189-$289 a night, with a three-night minimum stay." Staying in a treehouse is an exciting and unique experience, so it's not hard to believe the trend is catching on.

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