Outdoor Fun In The Winter Warmth Of March



News Blip: Enjoying Warmth In March

Pioneer Press Reports On The Do's And Donts When Enjoying The Warm Weather While Engaging In Outdoor Activities Outside In March

Playing Frisbee On Ice [Photo Credit: Jean Pieri]

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When winter is coming to its end, many people find their freedom by going outdoors and partaking in outdoor activities. The best activities to enjoy this March, is hiking, skinny skiing, tennis, golf, fishing, and eating outside. But there are also things to avoid, like gardening, boating, and raking.

As Pioneer Press writer Dave Orrick relates in his article: That most basic of human activities — walking — will feel like heaven. Most exposed paved walkways will be clear of snow and ice, and snowshoes will not be needed in the woods. Still, expect low-lying areas to be mucky — the water can’t seep into the still-frozen ground — and shaded north-facing slopes could have snow and ice.

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