Bonding Outdoors With The Woodards



News Blip: Hunting With The Woodards

DeSoto Times Tribune Reports On The Woodard Family Who Spend Their Time Bonding By Hunting In The Great Outdoors.

Henry And Lakeisha Woodard [Courtesy/DeSoto Times]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through DeSoto Times Tribune's website via Google.

The Woodard family has found closeness and love thanks to their passion for the outdoors. Henry and Lakeisha Woodard spend their time hunting together and keeping their 4 kids close on great outdoor adventures. Henry always loved hunting but kept it from his wife, since Lakeisha was more of a city girl. Once the secret was out in the open, it became the source of their family's bond.

As DeSoto Times writer Bob Bakken relates in his article: Since discovering Henry’s little “secret,” Lakeisha’s newly found love for hunting has brought the family even closer together. They hope by showing others how much they love the outdoors; others can learn why they should follow along. “We always say it’s about God, family and the outdoors,” Henry said. “We want to be an example to people in the community. You can be happily married, a successful and productive citizen and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.”

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