The Effects Of Instagram On The Outdoors



News Blip: Instagram VS Nature

Outside Reports On The Effects Of Instagram On The Outdoors, When People Only Go To Take A Famous Picture But Miss The Magic Of Exploration

Taking Photos For Social Media

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Instagram is starting to become more of a foe than a friend to the great outdoors. On one side, Instagram shows the beauty and breathtaking landscapes that nature has to offer, but on the other side, it encourages individuals to take pictures just for the popularity, rather than going outside to explore and discover. Many times, those famous pictures tend to be invasive to the area and against regulations.

As Outside writer Christopher Solomon relates in his article: That same year, photographer and national park ranger Christina Adele Warburg wrote about finding a photo on Instagram that featured a person camping with an open fire on the shore of famed Schwabacher Landing, in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park. Though the activities were against park regulations, the photo had been liked more than 10,000 times. “People see that and say, ‘That’s so cool. I want to go do that,’” says Warburg. “It’s just a giant snowball effect. It’s out of control.”

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