Outdoor Fun With Josh Duhamel And Son Axl.



News Blip: Josh Duhamel Takes Son Outdoors

People Reports On Famous Actor Josh Duhamel, Who Takes The Time To Teach His Son The Importance Of The Outdoors

Josh Duhamel And Son Axl [Courtesy/Randy Shropshire-Getty Images]

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Famous actor Josh Duhamel, has been taking his son Axl Duhamel on outdoor adventures to teach him the importance of the outdoors. Josh, and wife Fergie, make it a priority to take their son on trips and adventures. This summer alone they are going to Josh's hometown North Dakota, twice, for some outdoor activities.

As People writer Lindsay Kimble relates in her article: “Wherever I’m living, whether I’m home or on the road, I need to be someplace that has easy access to the outdoors,” he tells PEOPLE. He shares, “We have this great spot behind our house with all these trails, so he’ll go exploring and gathering things – whether it’s flowers or rocks. He really has a fascination with sticks. He’s just like me – he loves to be out there, he loves to get outside.”

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