Preventing Tick Bites Outdoors



News Blip: Preventing Tick Bites

AccuWeather Reports On Tips On How To Prevent Dangerous Tick Bites When Going On Outdoor Adventures

Tick Holding On To Tall Grass [Courtesy/AccuWeather]

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Many kids or even adults are afraid of spending time outdoors due to dangers like snakes, poison ivy, or ticks. However, the outdoors can be a safe place as long as one knows how to prevent these threats. One way to prevent a tick bite is by covering oneself while outdoors. Another tactic is avoiding areas where they are common. One option is walking on trails instead of through tall grass. All in all, kids can enjoy the outdoors safely as long as they are well informed.

As AccuWeather relates in the article: It is important to teach kids how to avoid ticks as well as how to check for them on the body. Parents should teach kids about the dangers of ticks and discuss the steps to take to avoid them, according to Dolesh. The healthy, vigilant kid is one who knows how to play outdoors in a safe manner, Dolesh said.

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