Protecting China's Environment



News Blip: Protecting The Chinese Environment

Global Times Reports On 4 Different Chinese People Who Tell Their Stories On Their Efforts In Protecting Their Environment

Residents exchange plants with waste batteries in Xinyu [Courtesy/People's Daily]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Global Time's website via Google.

Some Chinese residents have been taking initiative in keeping the environment in China as clean and pollution free as can be. In this article, 4 Chinese people ( Zou Yi, Ma Jun, Li Wei, and Zheng Tengfei) tell their story and what efforts they have taken to make the outdoors a better and cleaner place. They all seem to agree, that with information comes power. Hence why they are making great effort to inform the public about environmental health.

As Global Times writers relate in the article: "Information disclosure is the premise of the public participation in the cause of environmental protection," said Ma, adding that the public will choose a green lifestyle and control pollution after they are given the information about environment, while a greater participation will improve the environment ultimately.

Check this full article at Global Times right here.

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