Rafting In Colorado With The Holcombe Family



News Blip: Rafting Adventures With The Holcombe Family

Benzinga Reports On The Holcombe Family Who Has Recently Gone On A 26 Day Rafting Adventure Through The Grand Canyon

Rafting Through Whitewaters

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Benzinga's website via Google.

 The Holcombe family has recently gone on a 26 day whitewater rafting adventure through the Grand Canyon in Colorado. The family of three has been RVing full time in their Winnebago since 2014. They earn their living through their professional photography company "Holcombe Photography" and by blogging their outdoor adventures.

As Benzinga relates in their article: Parking their View during the river expedition, the Holcombes say RV life can either be a boon or a bust to your nerves and budget, and they blog tips about the travel lifestyle at "It's like we know a secret and we want everybody to know the secret," says Peter of the simple freedom they've pursued, partly through creative sponsorships. "Being able to inspire people through my images and Kathy's stories, that's really what excites us now."

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