All you need to drive a Recreational Vehicle in Maine is a basic Class C driver’s’ license, but drivers should be aware and cautious before doing so.



News Blip: RVing Maintains Popularity In Maine 

BDN Reports On The Interest Of RVs In Maine As Anyone With A License Can Drive Them & How New Technology Can Make A Beginning RVer Puzzled

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From state to state, the required mandates to drive an RV with a Class C Driver's License varies. In some states, you may need a more advanced license. However, in Maine anyone with a driver's license can drive an RV. Yet, it is not always smart to do something you are allowed to do. According to research published by the RVIA, 8.9 million households in the country own an RV, an increase of 8 percent from the previous data collected in 2005. RV being defined as “a vehicle that combines transportation and temporary living quarters for travel, recreation and camping.”

Bangor Daily News writer Julia Bayly relates in her article: "For anyone — retirees or loved ones helping out with the driving — there are a few things to consider before getting behind the wheel of something larger than the family car. “Especially for retirees, there are likely things that have changed [about driving] since the first time they got their license,” said Court Dwyer, state coordinator of driver safety programs for AARP. “In a lot of cases, these retirees got their licences a long time ago.”

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