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News Blip: The Adventurers Club

The Richmond Register Reports On Berea Outdoor Adventurers Club That Is Educating Kids On The Outdoors

Kids Study A Pot Filled With Dirt And Earthworms [Courtesy/Critley King]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through The Richmond Register's website via Google.

The new Berea Outdoor Adventurers club in Ohio is educating kids on the great outdoors while giving them time to play and grow. It's also a great alternative to more expensive clubs since many parents don't have the finances necessary for them. Moreover, unlike Boy/Girl Scouts, this club is gender neutral.

As The Richmond Register writer Critley King relates in their article: “Today, children are becoming more and more alienated from nature,” said Dent, adding that the goal for the Outdoor Adventurers is to help children learn about nature by encouraging them to be creative, curious and self-reliant. Typically, the group meets outdoors at a pre-selected location that is emailed or sent via Facebook to the parents.

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