The Longest Life Expectancy In The World



News Blip: The Australian Life Expectancy

Zee News Reports On Australia Having The Longest Life Expectancy For Men Thanks To The Outdoor Lifestyle

Australian Men Enjoying The Outdoors [Courtesy/Zee News]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Zee News' website via Google.

A new study shows, that the country with the highest life expectancy for men is Australia. Though many were surprised with the results, it turns out that a healthy outdoor lifestyle is more important than diet alone. Many Australians might not have the best diet, but most of them are physically active.

As Zee News quotes in the article:"I was a little taken aback by that report because I thought the Japanese men and women were streets ahead," Salt said. "To have the highest life expectancy says something about the lifestyle in Australia, particularly in men. It comes down to healthy outdoor living and quality of health care. All of these things contribute to a pretty good quality of life."

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