Naples ranks on this year's list of the top U.S. Sports & Adventure Vacation Destinations.



News Blip: Top U.S. Adventure Destinations 

Naples Daily News Reports On The Adventure-Bearing City Of Naples As It Ranks As One Of The Top 20 Destinations For Travel This Year

Kayak Tour On Rookery Bay Reserve, Naples [Photo Credit: Lance Shearer/Naples Daily News]                  

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Naples can be misconstrued as a place for people to go and relax and retire when you have reached that pint in your life. However, the U.S. Tourism Quality Index has shown that the beautiful city can be much more! On a list of the top destinations for sports and adventure vacation, Naples ranked No. 9, along with other fellow Florida cities Destin (5) and Miami (6). 

Naples Daily News relates in its article: "The rankings are based on the number of "very good" and "excellent" reviews a destination received in the outdoor activities and boat tours and water sports categories." Executive director of Naples, Marco Island, Everglades Convention & Visitor’s Bureau Jack Wert explains that the white sand beaches and clear, calm waters in Naples serve as an outstanding backdrop for adventure activities, from stand-up paddle boarding and jet skiing to classic coastal favorites like boating and fishing.

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