Outdoor Retailers Fight To Attract Millennials



News Blip: Understanding A Younger Generation

Outside Reports On The Challenges That Many Outdoor Companies Have Faced Over The Past Years To Attract And Appeal To Millennials

Millennials In The Outdoors [Photo Credit: Rory Kurtz]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Outside's website via Google.

Outdoor retailers have been faced with the challenge of figuring out how to attract the Millennial generation over the past few years. Many researches and tests have been done in order to find out the best ways to engage them and inspire them to go on wild outdoor adventures. Truth is, their idea of outdoor adventure looks very different from the prior generations. Most new startups figured out that its about the simplicity and attractive design of these outdoor gears.

As Outside writer Michael Roberts relates in his article: “The gateway has opened and we’re at the start,” says Kim, who thinks that people who get interested in the outdoors by a car-camping cookout—or, say, a gear and beer event in a San Francisco warehouse—could become more invested over time. “If you just get people outside having a good time, Mother Nature takes over. They’re hooked for life.”

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