Young adults are beginning to ditch the ideal home and opt for the nomadic life.



News Blip: Your New Home Could Be An RV

Mic Reports On Why Young People Have Chosen To Live In RVs And The Important Decisions That Need To Be Made Before Choosing To Do The Same

The Podlahov√° family, who purchased an RV so they could see the country, on one of their adventures. [Courtesy: Michelle Tsai Podlavhova/Mic]                  

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According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), RV ownership is at an all-time high, with more than 9 million households owning an RV as of April 2017. Thus means more young people have came on-board to invest in "moving homes". There are many benefits to buying an RV. In the article below, you will see how one family feels about RV living and the actual costs of owning an RV.

Mic writer Gina Ragusa relates in her article: "The movement to bypass or delay a traditional home purchase makes sense as millennials prefer experiences over things. In fact 78% of millennials in a 2014 Eventbrite poll aid they would rather spend money on an experience rather than purchasing an item. When you are considering to buy an RV, you should know if you want a new or used vehicle, if you have a spot to park it, the extra costs associated with it, and if you want to rent (recommended for those doubting the decision) or buy one outright. 

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