Teen spends her summer outdoors renovating a 1974 Wilderness camper, which she bought for $200 on a local buy-sell-trade publication, into her very own “glamper”.



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Camper Becomes Teen's 'Home Near Home'

A Summer Long Project For Take-Charge Teen Results In An Amazing Luxury Camper That She Plans To Use As A Hangout, But Could Just As Easily Be A Travel Trailer Down The Road.

Happy glamper Ellie Yeater after she purchased the camper trailer [Photo Credit: Lori Harper/Hometalk]

Editor's Note: This news item was retrieved through Woodcraft's website via Google.

Home or even RV renovation is a job for professionals that are skilled in carpentry, electrical work, and the like. Most would not assume it's a job for a 14-year old girl. Mist will be wrong. This brings us to the story of fourteen year-old Ellie Yeater of Williamstown, WV. She spent her summer outdoors, inside a camper; but not for leisure, instead to complete a DIY project she set out for herself. She used her summer break to renovate a 1974 Wilderness camper, which she bought for $200 on a local buy-sell-trade publication, into her very own “glamper”.  As a woman, glamping, or luxury camping, seems like the perfect outdoor activity for a teen looking for adventure as it makes camping a bit less rustic and a lot more glamorous.

Lori Haught Harper, a writer for Hometalk, relates in her article: "The Yeater family lives on 60 acres, where older brother Isaiah has already built a small cabin for him and his buddies to hang out. Ellie wanted something like that “but cuter” and much closer to the house because she wanted electric and Wi-Fi." Ready to begin renovat-ions – the camper had to be gutted, cleaned and repaired before any of the “fun” work could begin. Ellie learned a few carpentry skills from her grandfather, who helped Ellie along with her whole family, as they braced everything and plugged holes, as you would do for basic camper repair. Ellie is quoted sating: “My biggest lesson has been learning that teamwork is how you really get something done.” She liked getting all of her family involved in her project. From carpentry, sewing, painting and moving the camper, it was a Yeater family effort.

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